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Group singing has changed over the last few months and Jen has found a way to capture the joy of singing with others during this time of social distancing. In each class you will…


  • Understand and practice healthy singing techniques.

  • Improve breath support.

  • Connect with others through music.

  • Bring happiness and joy to your life with expressive music-making.



Here's what people have to say about SING TOGETHER:

“I felt energized and de-stressed going into the end of the week and into the weekend. Jen helped us connect as a choir emotionally, even though we were miles apart.” 


"I loved learning how to dig deep and connect emotionally with the music. It was great to  meet and connect with new people through music."


"This class has been such a lifeline for me during this crazy time. I hope it continues because it is always the best part of my week!"

The ability to sing with others in-person has become a challenge this year, and Jen Rafferty Music has found a fun and unique approach to recapture the joy of group singing during this time of social distancing. This free session is for everyone; all ages and all singing abilities.


Connect with others through music, share music with your family, and bring happiness and joy to your life with expressive music-making. Attend this free session and we hope you will join the SING TOGETHER community for continued growth and fun!


Through SING TOGETHER, Jen Rafferty Music has created a virtual environment where singers can feel comfortable making music. This session includes vocal warm-ups and learning two new songs. No need to feel shy - all participants will be on mute! You will receive the Zoom login information via email the day of the event! Register at