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From our 2021 Summer Online Season:

Feature presenter: Aaron Scoccia - Making Youtube Performance Videos for Beginners

Click here for the recording of this presentation, click here for the presentation packet

Feature presenter: Sergeant Daniel Venora of the the "Pershing's Own" Army Band

Click here for the recording of this presentation.

From our 2020 Summer Online Season:

"Ithaca's Music Men," a presentation about local music pioneers Hollis Dann (choral director) and Patsy Conway (band leader) - Zoom presentation with Corey Earle


click the phonograph button for access to the archived recording of Corey's presentation

"The Golden Age of Professional Bands (On Beyond Sousa!)," a presentation by Dr. Mark Fonder, emeritus professor of music education at Ithaca College

The heritage of the American band has a rich history beyond the inimitable John Philip Sousa. This multimedia session explores the other great professional bands of 1890s to 1930; the bands of Patrick Conway, Arthur Pryor, Frederick Innes, Giuseppe Creatore, Alessandro Liberati, and Bohumir Kryl. Explore how these bandleaders achieved greatness through their contests, touring, recording, publishing, and vaudeville. Relive the day through some great old time band stories. Hear these great bands and learn how to access these recordings to help pass on our country’s great tradition of bands.

Dr. Mark Fonder is a professor emeritus of music education and the former conductor of the Concert Band of Ithaca College. He is a frequent presenter at state, regional, and national conferences. Dr. Fonder is in demand as a guest conductor for honor festivals, and his articles and research have appeared in major publications and periodicals.

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